Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama /Hillary

To be truly honest, when it comes to politics I am completely clueless and careless. However when it come to world wrestling entertainment my eyes shoot open and they have my full attention. The reason for this is because wrestling isn't boring its fun as hell and it never gets boring. But with the presidential elections going on and all these candidates running for president, they have to win the vote of as many people as possible. So they took their debates to the ring. In a candidates match.Check it out

LOL. Okay so maybe it wasn't really Obama And Hillary but It could have been. But how is this election going to turn out. We all seen how bill Clinton cheated for Hillary how do we know if it not really like that in real life, how do we know if any of them are cheating. Bush cheated one of them could have cheated too. Why does it matter what i think about this election I don't have the right to vote all I am suppose to do is follow the law. I don't know alot about politics as i have said before maybe in the future i will pay more attention to it. But right now i dont feel that politics and i are friends. Kids wanna have fun I can care less who our next president is.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Death Poem

I once read a book called Island of the Blue Dolphins, and it was really poignant. A little girl and her little brother were forgotten on an island. In which was not popular, and that no one ever came back to. On the Island the little girl and her brother persistently ran from undomesticated dogs, which were out to get them. So they started constructing weapons to protect them selves. One day the little boy got ripped to shreds by the dogs while his sister watched and did absolutely nothing. In every day life people see other people die. Or go to funerals and see people dead. This is what inspired me to write this poem.

Ring Around the rosy,

Trapped in a nightmare-like world,
No where to run, and no use in hiding,
Every one around me, just keeps on crying,

Tears fall at open caskets,
Holes in the ground like Swiss cheese,
Surrounding each hole is friends and family,

A pocket full of posies,

Giving a prayer,
Falling carnations on a coffin,
Loud and clear is the sound of the dirt as it buries the coffin,

Here lies…
The world,
I place many flowers on the burial site,
I hum a tune,

I go home and watch TV,
One thing that can’t get you killed,
CNN- a death has occurred today at…
RNEWS- An 11th grader attending School of The Arts Died In a…

I begin to read the news paper,
Two teenage boys killed…
A man shoots his wife and…

I go back to the Swiss cheese like cemetery,
Here lies…
The hopes and dreams of younglings across the universe,
I bring a rose to my lips and place a kiss upon it,
I bring it to my forehead then hold it up in the air,
I bring it to my nose and smell it,

It’s the only thing left in the world that smells alive,
Here is to all the old people,
Mothers and fathers,
Grandmas and grandpas,
Aunts and uncles,

For living longer than you children
Nieces and nephews,
May they rest in peace,

It has got to suck,
For a child to have their whole life ahead of them one minute,
And no life ahead of them the next,

Ashes, ashes,

No one alive can say they are happy,
Every nine seconds someone is being born,
And every ten seconds someone dies from tobacco use,

I see it every where,
Every day,
The media talks about how bad smoking is but that’s it,
They aren’t doing anything to stop it,

Every second a person smokes,
There lungs are being attacked with tar,
Cancer kills,

Tobacco companies around the world,
Taking lives,
And taking money,

The flick of a cigarette,
The ashes flow all over the place,
Like cremation,
Ashes, Ashes,

The death clock’s done ticking,
My soul is weary,
Every one else’s stray from their cold bodies,
No one is left crying,
No one is left standing,
The TV is off,
No one left; to make the news paper,

It’s over,
No one did anything to stop it,
All I did was watch,

No one left to make Swiss cheese holes,
No one there to send flowers,
Here lies…
The world,

We all fall down,