Monday, March 31, 2008

So What If The Media Said So? Does it mean it's true.

Palestine Blogs - The GazetteThere is a huge problem with the media. They think that they can give part of a story, and not the rest, and no one will notice. Well NEWS FLASH, people are starting to catch on to your mischievious little skeems. Do you notice how the media favors certain races/cultures? Do you notice how in many issues they don't claim the fault but they make it so people think it's the one persons fault? Or they only show half of one side of the story. I sure enough do and I'm tired of it. For example in the U.S, the news showed the war of the Israelis and Palestinians and people began to think that it was palistine inflicting pain on the Israelis. How ever in other countries, and the Arabic satellite it shows the opposite, The Israelis inflicting pain on the Palestinians. See, I am palestinian, every day i think about the many of my brothers and sisters in my country that are being killed, that have gone orphan, and that are being burried, and it hurts me.I'm tired of seeing muslims in the street getting there scarfs pulled off, or hearing people calling us terrorist, and I'm tired of people not knowing that palestine exist. It does exist and as long as it existing palestinians are being used as human shields, getting blown up, getting shot, getting put in jail, being stripped of there education; by the soldiers not letting them get to school, and crying every day over their dead, once living loved ones. I look at these videos and and watch the news and it gets me so fired up. What, all this blood shed, all these tears, and it's not enough, we have to fight back before we are all gone. But unfortuneately for us palestinians, when we fight back we get a bad name. Well i don't give a damn, anymore, I don't care what you call us i dont care what you think, i know what i see. I know my culture is an inch from being wiped out. Take a look at the different videos below to see what I mean. Then tell me what you think, who is to blame. Who is the terrorist. Who is dying. It's not A win win situation. It's not a loose loose situation. Its stupidity, it's a win loose. It's rocks versus guns. Its cruel brutal and unfair.. If for every tear that fell from a palestinians eyes some one in the US died, than there would be no one left in the world. In my opinion, I feel that bush is butting the US soldier in other countries wars. Well What about this war. Will it never end? will my people ever be able to live the way they once had. Or will they all die and none of us will be left. I don't want my people to be erased from the earth. But if it is to be so then start with me becasue I don't want to live another day watching my people be destroyed over land that can be shared. But If my brothers and sisters of palestine don't want to share then i dont blame them. Phalastine Arabia. I'm reppin Pali all day every day. No matter what. In this world we are all brothers and sister and we don't even act like it. For about 50 years my people have been dying. Let my people go. let them be free. Freedom. Free Palestine. Save the innocent. Don't just stand there help us out. Oh and by the way, THANKS BUSH, THANX FOR NOTHING OH AND THANX FOR JUST STANDING THERE INSTEAD OF SENDING TROOPS TO HELP US!!! THIS IS BLASPHAMY IT'S CRUEL ANIMAL BEHAVIOR. OH AND THANX TO THE MEDIA FOR SPREADING THE WORD THE WORSE WORD EVER. THE WRONG WORD. ONLY PART OF THE WORD. MANY PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN PALESTINE. I DO AND OTHER MUSLIMS DO. BUT THANKS. THANKS FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. DAMN. THAT IS ALL THEY COULD DO. TAPE IT TAKE PARTS OUT AND PUT IT OUT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. HEY MEDIA THANX FOR NOT HELPING. THANKS FOR TAKING PART IN KILLING US, EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY!!! TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE LISTENING YOUR TAXES AND THE MONEY YOU DONATE. DO YOU KNOW WHERE IT GOES? DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT DOES? THINK ABOUT IT. ALL THIS MONEY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DONATING AND NOTHING AS CHANGED SINCE EXCEPT WAR. WAR HAS INCREASE THE DEATH OF INNOCENT PEOPLE HAS INCREASED. aND PALESTINE IS ON THE VERGE OF DEMINISHING. Palestine Blogs - The Gazette

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beauty is held in the eyes of its beholder

Beauty is in the eyes of it's beholder.

Stop lookin' at me!!!

I am beautiful,

Say what you want,
Try as hard as you want,
You can never make me believe I am ugly,
You can't judge me by what i look like,
I have a heart made of gold,
And head full of Faith,
I withhold in my hands achievement and strength,
I believe that beauty is in your heart and your mind,
So you can call me ugly,
Hey,you can even let people know I'm ugly,
Because in the end,
I know from the inside,
That I look better than you,

No matter what they say,

No matter how much they made fun of me,
No matter how many times they laughed at me,
I still held my head up high,
I keep my eyes in the sky and I pray to that guy,
Dear God don't ask why,
Just tell'em beauty is held in the beholders eye,
Look passed my face,
Look passed my body,
See me for who I am,
And not what i look like,
It's not my height and forget my length,
It's all about my wisdom, my courage and strength,

Words can't bring me down,

If you're tryin' to hurt me,
You are wastin' your time,
Your words are like you,
They are ugly and can't bring me to frown,
Stop bein' a clown,
And stop with the messin' around,
Your like a broken cassett stuck and rewound,
You are lost in your words, trapped in a dark cold town,
'Cuz just like you, your words will never bring me down,
I am the beholder,
I'm ugly to you,
You can't find my beauty,
'Cuz my beauty is held in my own eyes,

I am beautiful in every single way,

I am beautiful in my own way,
Not yours or his or hers,
I am special,
I tell you,
Look deep into my eyes and not just the color,
A persons eyes holds there beauty,
They can tell you every thing about a person,
My eyes are big and round,
Which says that I hold alot of liveliness,
My eyes hold not only my beauty but my hapiness,
Can you see it,
Don't judge me,
Some go unspoken, unheard,
And when they speak,
When they are heard,
They are often misunderstood,

This peom is for those misunderstood, those unspoken, those that can't be heard, and those that are told they are ugly. You are as beautiful as any body else. Beauty is in the eyes of it's beholder, My advice to you Be the beholder. Stand in front of a mirror and tell your self what you like about you self. All the things you can look past. And all the things you see are What make you beautiful. And to those who are heartless and and hurtful, STOP LOOKING AND START SEEING.



Why does it matter where we are from, when we are all in the same place now. What difference does it make, if we all bleed the same color. Why can't we be friends. Who cares if one looks different then you or me, they are people just like us. Who cares what they smell like or look like or what they wear, does it not make them people. Why make fun of her if she wears something you don't. Are you jealous, is it the law that everyone has to look like everyone else. Should we judge, makefun, or make assumptions, I wasn't raised that way, were you? Can you look at some one and just smile? Is it that hard. A smile means more to most people then you know. But i guess now it's just easier to screw face, and laugh and put others down to make our selves feel better, Right? Tell me, is it ok to see me in a car wearing a scarf and give me the finger just because of my race and september 11? There are people in this world that go unnoticed and that seem like they don't have a voice. But just like you, they want to be heard. If they had the courage to speak up, to break out of their shell, I highly believe that you wouldn't be treating them the same way. Oh so he wears a Kippah, and he should take it off because kids aren't aloud to wear head gear in school. Uh can we grow up can we snap back to reality and get real. There is a big difference between a hat and a kippah. A Kippah is religious wear just like a Kuffi or a hijab They are not just head gear like any ordinary hats they mean something to the cultures. So don't jump to conclusions if you don't know the facts.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Name a time when you have felt out of place or uncomfortable?

Ha ha, Seriously? I always feel out of place and uncomfortable. I was born and raised hear in Rochester N.Y. I practically lived in the United States my entire life. I stood up and and put my hand over my heart and recited the pledge of the legence every day in elementary school. I watched the superbole and sang the national anthem,every time, just like every one else in the U.S. does. I was born and raised on the same street (Conkey Ave), same house (adress # 43), and Iv'e sleeped in the same room my whole life and have never had a problem. I never used to practice my religion because i never knew about it. But when i started going to the mosque to learn it's like i converted to islam. I began to pray and where the sacrf and now that i do, i am treated like out cast. I wear long sleeves and pants and a scarf all the time as part of my culture. In the summer peoople ask me stupid questions like, "aren't you hot with those on," or "eeeww how could you wear something like that on your head all the time?" The problem is not that they wonder, the problerm is the way they ask, and the fact that they don't think before they speak. Hundreds and thousands of years ago people use head dresses to survive the heat in the desert area and stay cool, and plus most scarfs arent thick they are very light, and some are silky, so the wind blows through it. And yet people still ask me "doesn't it get hot under there?" No, no it never does it keeps me cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and dry when it rains. so what more do you want to know? I began to feel most like an outcast after september 11, this is the area in my life that had the biggest impact on me. Afte 9/11 occured every thing changed. I would go places and get insulted. "Terrorist, go back to your own country. We don't need more of you here." They would say things like that and even worse sometimes. I didn't understand, this is my country.Once, I said hi to the little kids that moved in across the street. I got a horrible responce, "oh great of all places to move she moved us near terrorists." Honestly my jaw hit the floor 10 times and then closed again.They laughed and teased, so i kept going. Do you have any idea what it's like for me to go for a ride in a car and role my window down. I get middle fingers, I get called names,I get spit at, things get thrown at me, and again I also get shouted at. Like other kids my age, i go to the mall to go for a walk and go shopping. But i wish i could do this with out being stared at, gawked at, laughed at, talked about, threatened, and again "Go back to your country." Sometime i want to leave the state and get away. But i can't even get on a plain with out being seen and stopped at security, or they make up an excuse to delay the plane like oh the piollets seat broke or there was a spill. All because I am muslim and they can see that. Oh and when i finally do get on a can feel every ones eyes burning an enormous hole in my face. On the day of 9/11/2001 I was sitting in class like every one else. I wasn't the one who crashed the plane. Why should I be taunted and hurt for someone elses actions. Its not fair. It really isn't. At times like the ones I mentioned I want to turn around and hit them. I want to wrap my long fingers around there neck and strangle them until their eyes pop out. But most times I want to scream. So my mom puts her hand upon my shoulder and looks deep in to my anger filled eyes, and she tells me to let it go. One time at the mall when we were walking some old lady and her daughter wre making fun of the way muslims pray. I wanted to ram my foot down her throat, I wanted to scream.But my mom put her hand on my soldier and said let it go. I make terrorist jokes about my self sometimes, to forget how much it hurts when other people do it. And they do do it. So i stopped, but they didn't, and I will never forget that. I liek when older people smile at me, because the 1% of 100,000 people that actually do, make me feel alot better about the situation. It gives hope that not every one out there is ignorant. I often make it hard for people to be friends with me because I'm afraid it will turn out bad in the end. This is the reason why I have little pacients, a bad temper, I try to keep at home, why I often don't listen. It's because i can only take so much crap from all these people and I know that i won't be able to control my self, and i desperately try to stay away from regrets. I am OUTCAST...

Society has to have outcasts because if they con't they will get bored with there lives. I wish society can one day walk in the shoes of the many outcasts in this world. so they can see how much it hurts to be who we are and what we look like. Instead of making us feel like we belong, they make us want to run away, and never come back. I believe that away from here, a place for rebels, outcasts, untouchables, and uncomfortables to be free. To become there own society. That way they would all be normal, and they would all keep there pasts in the present to think before they hurt or cause hurt the way people bestowed it on them. We, outcasts, we can all be a family. A real and true 'free country'.An outcast is someone who is ostracized by society. An out cast... is me.

My Music

Music makes the world go round.
It makes it spin and spin until the world comes down.
Music is the earth to me and i need like i need food, water, shelter, and air.
Music is my friend.
It speaks to me and tells me secrets,
And I am always there to listen.

I like it loud and i like it soft. From Linkin Park to Celine Dion from Eminem to Arabic from Reggae to Reggae Tone and all. If it's music and i can dance to it it makes my world go round.
It keeps me sane with it's beauty like rain,
Its every thing to me, my happiness, my hyper activeness, my pain and anger, and even my fittness.
It means more than you know to me,
what does it mean to you.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I am nothing like you,
But only because
I am way better,