Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beauty is held in the eyes of its beholder

Beauty is in the eyes of it's beholder.

Stop lookin' at me!!!

I am beautiful,

Say what you want,
Try as hard as you want,
You can never make me believe I am ugly,
You can't judge me by what i look like,
I have a heart made of gold,
And head full of Faith,
I withhold in my hands achievement and strength,
I believe that beauty is in your heart and your mind,
So you can call me ugly,
Hey,you can even let people know I'm ugly,
Because in the end,
I know from the inside,
That I look better than you,

No matter what they say,

No matter how much they made fun of me,
No matter how many times they laughed at me,
I still held my head up high,
I keep my eyes in the sky and I pray to that guy,
Dear God don't ask why,
Just tell'em beauty is held in the beholders eye,
Look passed my face,
Look passed my body,
See me for who I am,
And not what i look like,
It's not my height and forget my length,
It's all about my wisdom, my courage and strength,

Words can't bring me down,

If you're tryin' to hurt me,
You are wastin' your time,
Your words are like you,
They are ugly and can't bring me to frown,
Stop bein' a clown,
And stop with the messin' around,
Your like a broken cassett stuck and rewound,
You are lost in your words, trapped in a dark cold town,
'Cuz just like you, your words will never bring me down,
I am the beholder,
I'm ugly to you,
You can't find my beauty,
'Cuz my beauty is held in my own eyes,

I am beautiful in every single way,

I am beautiful in my own way,
Not yours or his or hers,
I am special,
I tell you,
Look deep into my eyes and not just the color,
A persons eyes holds there beauty,
They can tell you every thing about a person,
My eyes are big and round,
Which says that I hold alot of liveliness,
My eyes hold not only my beauty but my hapiness,
Can you see it,
Don't judge me,
Some go unspoken, unheard,
And when they speak,
When they are heard,
They are often misunderstood,

This peom is for those misunderstood, those unspoken, those that can't be heard, and those that are told they are ugly. You are as beautiful as any body else. Beauty is in the eyes of it's beholder, My advice to you Be the beholder. Stand in front of a mirror and tell your self what you like about you self. All the things you can look past. And all the things you see are What make you beautiful. And to those who are heartless and and hurtful, STOP LOOKING AND START SEEING.


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