Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Why does it matter where we are from, when we are all in the same place now. What difference does it make, if we all bleed the same color. Why can't we be friends. Who cares if one looks different then you or me, they are people just like us. Who cares what they smell like or look like or what they wear, does it not make them people. Why make fun of her if she wears something you don't. Are you jealous, is it the law that everyone has to look like everyone else. Should we judge, makefun, or make assumptions, I wasn't raised that way, were you? Can you look at some one and just smile? Is it that hard. A smile means more to most people then you know. But i guess now it's just easier to screw face, and laugh and put others down to make our selves feel better, Right? Tell me, is it ok to see me in a car wearing a scarf and give me the finger just because of my race and september 11? There are people in this world that go unnoticed and that seem like they don't have a voice. But just like you, they want to be heard. If they had the courage to speak up, to break out of their shell, I highly believe that you wouldn't be treating them the same way. Oh so he wears a Kippah, and he should take it off because kids aren't aloud to wear head gear in school. Uh can we grow up can we snap back to reality and get real. There is a big difference between a hat and a kippah. A Kippah is religious wear just like a Kuffi or a hijab They are not just head gear like any ordinary hats they mean something to the cultures. So don't jump to conclusions if you don't know the facts.

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