Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Music

Music makes the world go round.
It makes it spin and spin until the world comes down.
Music is the earth to me and i need like i need food, water, shelter, and air.
Music is my friend.
It speaks to me and tells me secrets,
And I am always there to listen.

I like it loud and i like it soft. From Linkin Park to Celine Dion from Eminem to Arabic from Reggae to Reggae Tone and all. If it's music and i can dance to it it makes my world go round.
It keeps me sane with it's beauty like rain,
Its every thing to me, my happiness, my hyper activeness, my pain and anger, and even my fittness.
It means more than you know to me,
what does it mean to you.

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