Monday, March 31, 2008

So What If The Media Said So? Does it mean it's true.

Palestine Blogs - The GazetteThere is a huge problem with the media. They think that they can give part of a story, and not the rest, and no one will notice. Well NEWS FLASH, people are starting to catch on to your mischievious little skeems. Do you notice how the media favors certain races/cultures? Do you notice how in many issues they don't claim the fault but they make it so people think it's the one persons fault? Or they only show half of one side of the story. I sure enough do and I'm tired of it. For example in the U.S, the news showed the war of the Israelis and Palestinians and people began to think that it was palistine inflicting pain on the Israelis. How ever in other countries, and the Arabic satellite it shows the opposite, The Israelis inflicting pain on the Palestinians. See, I am palestinian, every day i think about the many of my brothers and sisters in my country that are being killed, that have gone orphan, and that are being burried, and it hurts me.I'm tired of seeing muslims in the street getting there scarfs pulled off, or hearing people calling us terrorist, and I'm tired of people not knowing that palestine exist. It does exist and as long as it existing palestinians are being used as human shields, getting blown up, getting shot, getting put in jail, being stripped of there education; by the soldiers not letting them get to school, and crying every day over their dead, once living loved ones. I look at these videos and and watch the news and it gets me so fired up. What, all this blood shed, all these tears, and it's not enough, we have to fight back before we are all gone. But unfortuneately for us palestinians, when we fight back we get a bad name. Well i don't give a damn, anymore, I don't care what you call us i dont care what you think, i know what i see. I know my culture is an inch from being wiped out. Take a look at the different videos below to see what I mean. Then tell me what you think, who is to blame. Who is the terrorist. Who is dying. It's not A win win situation. It's not a loose loose situation. Its stupidity, it's a win loose. It's rocks versus guns. Its cruel brutal and unfair.. If for every tear that fell from a palestinians eyes some one in the US died, than there would be no one left in the world. In my opinion, I feel that bush is butting the US soldier in other countries wars. Well What about this war. Will it never end? will my people ever be able to live the way they once had. Or will they all die and none of us will be left. I don't want my people to be erased from the earth. But if it is to be so then start with me becasue I don't want to live another day watching my people be destroyed over land that can be shared. But If my brothers and sisters of palestine don't want to share then i dont blame them. Phalastine Arabia. I'm reppin Pali all day every day. No matter what. In this world we are all brothers and sister and we don't even act like it. For about 50 years my people have been dying. Let my people go. let them be free. Freedom. Free Palestine. Save the innocent. Don't just stand there help us out. Oh and by the way, THANKS BUSH, THANX FOR NOTHING OH AND THANX FOR JUST STANDING THERE INSTEAD OF SENDING TROOPS TO HELP US!!! THIS IS BLASPHAMY IT'S CRUEL ANIMAL BEHAVIOR. OH AND THANX TO THE MEDIA FOR SPREADING THE WORD THE WORSE WORD EVER. THE WRONG WORD. ONLY PART OF THE WORD. MANY PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN PALESTINE. I DO AND OTHER MUSLIMS DO. BUT THANKS. THANKS FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. DAMN. THAT IS ALL THEY COULD DO. TAPE IT TAKE PARTS OUT AND PUT IT OUT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. HEY MEDIA THANX FOR NOT HELPING. THANKS FOR TAKING PART IN KILLING US, EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY!!! TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE LISTENING YOUR TAXES AND THE MONEY YOU DONATE. DO YOU KNOW WHERE IT GOES? DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT DOES? THINK ABOUT IT. ALL THIS MONEY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DONATING AND NOTHING AS CHANGED SINCE EXCEPT WAR. WAR HAS INCREASE THE DEATH OF INNOCENT PEOPLE HAS INCREASED. aND PALESTINE IS ON THE VERGE OF DEMINISHING. Palestine Blogs - The Gazette

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